Please be advised that there is an issue with Vietnam Update 001 to VN210003 that was issued in WK03/21 where it fails to load on JRC ECDIS, and causes the cell loading routine to hang during installation (and in some cases freezing during installation).

After loading the weekly update, the vessel may be missing the new coverage provided by VN250012 and VN250016 as well as update 001 of VN210003.

UKHO have requested a New Edition of VN210003 from the data supplier but at this stage they are unable to confirm when this will be available. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.


UKHO have informed us that an assessment of Update 001 shows that it includes many new navigationally significant features, such as wrecks, pipelines, oil platforms and well heads. Affected vessels should navigate with caution until they can be provided with the update to VN210003. Many of the additional features were identified during UKHO's assessment of this ENC before release and have been included in the ADMIRALTY Information Overlay.

Please find below the procedure on how to install the remaining items below. Should you have any questions or difficulties with the installation, please contact for support.


Please be assured that the matter is being investigated as a matter of urgency, and we apologize for any inconvenience which this issue may have caused you.


Workaround procedure to be followed until issue is fixed: 

1.    Delete old permit and bases from ECDIS of VN210003, VN250012, VN250016.


2.    Install latest permit from NavBox/NavStick


3.    Run your ENC Import/Update routine as normal. All the ENC updates will load as normal but this issue may cause the routine to hang when it tries to load VN210003 Update 001. Subsequent updates in the list are not loaded.


4.    Abort the loading routine then run it again. This time, choose the option to selectively load your data and mark VN210003 to exclude it from the loading routine.


5.    Run the Import/Update routine as normal. Previously loaded ENCs will skip. VN250012, VN250016 (Base and updates) should now be successfully loaded and only base is loaded for ENC VN210003.